Nicola Hume

Heart Breakfast Sussex & Surrey

Nicola is currently one of the resident radio presenters for Heart Breakfast Sussex and Surrey, as well a regular host on the popular ‘Newsburst’ for 02 Guru TV. Her presenting style is refreshingly different and she is bloomin’ entertaining to watch.

After a brief stint in the dramatic arts, Nicola soon realised her natural flair for comedy and set off on a quest for comedic acting roles. Whilst ‘questing’ she landed an exciting presenting role for ‘Lady Geek TV’, which successfully established Nicola as a member of the ever-growing “geek chic” generation. It is within this role that Nicola discovered her love for presenting and realised “actually, i’m pretty good at this”.

Since then her career has gone from strength to strength, presenting for live kids shows like Moshi Monsters, as well as several live radio road shows. Nicola has even had her very own radio show on 107.8 Radio Jackie, and was a regular stand in on their breakfast show.

Not only has Nicola established herself as a successful radio presenter and expert of all things gadgets, but she is also a passionate film enthusiast who has utilised her industry knowledge and confident character to interview the attendees of numerous red carpet events.  She also has a keen interest in sports and, inspired by the sporting prowess of Mel C and Jet whilst growing up, she is a trained trampolinist with a wicked, yet hilarious, competitive streak.

Nicola Hume's Showreel
Nicola Hume's Showreel
Title/Year Association Role Details
Heart Breakfast Sussex & Surrey, 2013 - present Global Radio Radio Host Presents the breakfast show every weekday 6am-10am.
O2 Guru TV Newsburst, 2012 - present O2 Presenter Presented various videos for O2 Guru.
Investor Film Screenings, 2015 Live Event Interviewer Interviewed investors at advanced film screening.
Moshi Monsters Live, 2012 & 2014 Live Show Live Host Host of live children's show in Dubai.
Happy Days Festival, 2013 Festival Live Host Host at music festival.
Radio Jackie, 2012 - 2013 107.8 Radio Jackie Radio Host Host of the breakfast show and Saturday nights.
Red Carpet Premieres, 2012 - 2013 1947 Media Interviewer Interviews from the red carpet at various film premieres.
Regent Street Motor Show, 2012 Live Exhibition Live Host Hosted live from the motor show on London's Regent Street.
Lady Geek TV, 2012 Online Show Presenter Host of online gadget show.