George Harrigan-Brown

Financial Expert & Consumer Champion

Although a serious fashion sense and strong finance skills are an unusual mix, George never fails to pull in a crowd. He is able to present his knowledge in a coherent way, always putting his own George Harrigan-Brown spin on it.

A fully qualified financial accountant with a degree in business and finance, George has been a professional auditor for 20 years. George started his career as specialist debtor for British Gas going to people’s homes to help them come up with payment plans. He is an extremely experienced professional auditor working for the likes of Bentley Jennison, the major government chartered accountant in the UK, and recently returned from Milan where he was organising the key financial controls for the pharmaceutical company Cephalon.

He can teach people to successfully negotiate on all manner of deals, sell, and brand themselves. George inspires people to make their money go further, particularly when things are tight. He is able to quickly build relationships, trust and value with anyone and understands people and their money.

George also does a lot of volunteer work in his profession, giving back to help the financially unfortunate. He is a strongly religious man who always treats everyone with the utmost care and respect. George even extends this to his eating habits, religiously eating clean with no processed food, he saves money and improves his health. George believes food is also a great healer, and uses it to aid his ailments.

George Harrigan-Brown's Clips
George Harrigan-Brown's Clips
Title/Year Association Role Details
Bankrupt & Broke: When Celebs Go Bust, 2016 Channel 5 Guest Contributor .
How to Understand Pensions, 2015 Love Sunday Magazine Writer One off magazine column.
The Chrissy B Show, 2014 Sky Channel 203 Guest Expert Offering financial advice on how to budget.
How To Haggle For A House, 2012 Channel 4 Presenter Property show focussing on negotiating the best deal for a property.
Cashmob, 2011 BBC3 Presenter & Financial Expert Show focussed on helping participants to be savvy with their money.
Student Money TV, 2011 Online Videos Presenter & Financial Expert Money advice for students.