15th Feb 2013 Valentines blog

My Valentines

Well, another year, another Valentine’s day, another one spent alone (cue violin). It was my intention to head to...

7th Feb 2013 Poetry blog


Today I thought I’d be a little creative-er than usual, and write a poem. Are you ready? Good, here...

23rd Jan 2013 Rocky Horror blog

I love Rocky Horror

I love Rocky Horror. Like I get dressed in suspenders and shout and heckle at all of the appropriate...

18th Jan 2013 George filming blog

I’m so Excited

The ball is rolling again! I cannot wait to start filming! Big G x

17th Jan 2013 Paul Football 2013 blog

Football: It’s not all about Money

Wednesday 16th January. 1pm. I check the weather report online for Coventry. It’s going to be minus 5 tonight,...

4th Jan 2013 Holidays blog

Holidays are Over

Well that’s it for another year. The holidays are over. The new year brings new years resolutions (I don’t...

18th Dec 2012 cruise blog 2


Some people say cruising is for old people. Well, I’m on a cruise around Malaysia and Thailand currently, and...

17th Dec 2012 Homeland blog

If you like Homeland

….then you’ll like this! Saturday Night Live have done a spoof of Homeland with Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight...

7th Dec 2012 Expelliarmus blog


A few weekends ago I ditched my muggle exterior and unleashed my inner pre-pubescent wizard as I caught the...

3rd Dec 2012 Christmas shopping blog

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping Is Easy Everyone moans that it’s difficult and takes an age. I disagree. Get an organised list....

29th Nov 2012 Movember blog

Mevermind Movember

Good day/evening avid Ian Roe blog readers, I’ve probably been keeping it quieter that I should’ve, but I’ve been...

26th Nov 2012 Larry Hagman blog

Farewell to a great TV character

Over the weekend, Larry Hagman sadly passed away. He played one of the most famous TV characters of all...

22nd Nov 2012 Holidays blog

It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year folks. The holidays are slowly but surely creeping upon us. Usually all the retailers...

13th Nov 2012 Ian Roe (Main)

My week was totally Wylding

Bonjour! (I’ve always wanted to use an exotic form of hello, and that was my chance so relish the...

9th Nov 2012 Nov 11:14 Ian - Did Someone Say India? (Again) (1)

Clowning Around

Boom ‘ting. HEAR ME NAW! Ehem… right so, that was me getting a little bit carried away, but THIS...

6th Nov 2012 Frankie top secret

New Photo

So I’ve got a new thumbnail photo so I thought I’d show it off and get my mug on...

2nd Nov 2012 Frankie Vu (Profile 2)

Breaking the Mould

Hi everyone, First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself – my name’s Francis, and I’m the latest addition...

31st Oct 2012 Mountain Miles blog

My First Time

This is my first time blogging; this is my first time really writing about myself (Facebook status updates aside!)...

29th Oct 2012 Ian Summer Holiday blog

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Last year (2011) the world bestowed upon us ‘The Ian Roe Show’. Now, I’m sure...

29th Oct 2012 Goddaughter blog

Drink and Cake Immediately

My God daughter hit 18 last week. Yes, I have an 18 year old God daughter and I’m not...

18th Oct 2012 ASOS_tofs

The Weird World of ASOS Models

Hello all, Well the other day I was just doing a random spot of weekly ASOS window shopping (web...

10th Oct 2012 One Direction blog

AHHHH One Direction

I’ve been waiting too long to just explode my insides out about these guys. Do I love them? Do...

10th Oct 2012 Random places blog

Random Places

I like going to random places. Indeed, my other half and I have decided that we must visit at...

3rd Oct 2012 Ian ROe Show blog

The Ian Roe Show Blog

YES. The Ian Roe Show is BACK! After almost a years hiatus, the hit YouTube Channel has something new...

17th Sep 2012 Party Madness blog

Party Madness

We had a party at our house on Saturday night. All the usual for one of my parties ie...

7th Sep 2012 Curly blog

The Secret to my Curly Locks

Tonight’s activity arrangement: Hair curling. BEFORE (Margret’s the name) AFTER (The Beatles?) LATER (Too hot for comfort… I know)

6th Sep 2012 Ego blog


The office here is a little random at the best of times. There is always a presenter, or an...

16th Aug 2012 Stratford blog

What’s Happened to Stratford?

I live there so I’ve seen the Olympic Park rise from the ashes of a derelict waste land, and...

8th Aug 2012 Method actor blog

Method Actor

It’s been over a year an a half since my entertainment services have been snapped up by Red 24...

24th Jul 2012 Curry

Delivery of Love

Nothing like a home made curry delivered in love…

23rd Jul 2012 Olympics coming blog

The Olympics are Coming

The Olympics are coming and I’m super excited. I live in Stratford so general living and transport issues are...

16th Jul 2012 Network blog

National Network Tracks

Poor state of our national network tracks…

9th Jul 2012 Secure car blog

How Not to Secure a Car

How not to secure a car……

4th Jul 2012 Ian ROe Show blog

General Chit Chats

Hello all, Thought I’d give you all a quick general update on the ‘Roe’ life since most of my...

2nd Jul 2012 Mold

Have You Ever Been to Mold?

Well, hello hello hello. It’s Ian Roe (Rhymes… see?). I found an interesting article today on MOLD, the town...

11th May 2012 Breakfast

My Breakfast

My breakfast gone wrong.

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