28th Sep 2016 Jonny Nelson TV Choice Awards Presenter

It’s been a while…

Remember remember the 4th of November? Because that’s the last time I bothered to blog. Unbelievable Jeff. It’s remarkable...

4th Nov 2015 Jonny Nelson - The Intern Blog

You Talkin’ to Me? (Yes!)

So! There I was, minding my own business when life threw me a bone – A Robert DeNiro shaped...

10th Sep 2015 FYI Daily news


Another picture-heavy blog for your enjoyment. So let me take you through the last month…. Firstly there’s been a lot...

28th Jul 2015 Jul 13: Jonny watches Styles stumble


This last month was an interesting one at work, taking over at 5ACCESS for a while. For those of...

28th May 2015 Taking New York

Moving is Hard

I’m sorry, I’m so very very sorry. I’ve not blogged for months, in fact I’ve not done much of...

20th Jan 2015 Jan 20:15 Jonny - 'Birthmas' (1)


Happy January internet, I hope you’ve been keeping well. This is usually the time of year when everyone’s on...

5th Nov 2014 Nov 05:14 Jonny - Bonfire Night (3)

Bonfire Night

Happy Hallow… Oh it’s finished. Truth be told, this isn’t a blog about Bonfire night but I thought it...

14th Oct 2014 Oct 14:14 Jonny - The 4 Month Blur (7)

The 4 Month Blur

So, I think the last thing I said might have been something about not waiting quite as long between...

4th Jun 2014 Jonny Second Album blog

The Difficult Second Album

It’s times like this, you remember why you haven’t ever successfully managed to keep a blog before. Two full...

26th Mar 2014 Hey-9-300x169

Fifty Shades of Hey

It has been a leisurely 6 years since I bothered to write a blog about anything, an aversion I...

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