26th Jul 2017 Car Fest Chef Joe Hurd

A busy July and how prunes helped me

In 2010 the phone rang. It was the dad of my then boss at Campuslife, asking if I would...

13th Jun 2017 Joe Blog alexander johnston the press gang 1858 detail copy_thumb[2]

The Press Gang

Alexander Johnston’s oil on canvas, The Press Gang, has fascinated me all my life.   Though it’s surrounded by...

5th May 2017 Joe Hurd TV PResenter Easter Blog.jpg-large

Easter in Italy

It”s 29 degrees, but from the crowd’s sartorial choices of puffa jackets, expensive Versace leather coats and high turtle...

23rd Mar 2017 melanie-sykes-joe-hurd-italian-cooking-feature-image

“Like A Whirlwind in the Thorn tree…”

I went to a Catholic school back in Hull where R.E was compulsory. I never paid much attention –...

20th Dec 2016 joe-hurd-tv-presenter-chaos-blog


If, like me, you are a single Northern fella, you will only ever find yourself in the stationery department...

1st Dec 2016 joe-hurd-presenter-blog-tv-chef-aisle

Real Tools.

I am snaking through the home ware department of John Lewis. In my head the shoppers are the red...

7th Nov 2016 joe-hurd-hygge-blog-feature-image

Hung Up On Hygge

The heating has broken. Low growls and burps are squeezing out of the old iron ribbed frame of the...

7th Jul 2016 Aubergine - Joe blog

My Polpette Experience

Zia Rosaria’s kitchen is big and square. Even though it’s located on one of the sunniest points of continental...

10th Jun 2016 Saturday Kitchen logo

Meeting My Maker: A Final Plate of Beans

In 1986 Antonio Carluccios’ first book, “An Invitation to Italian Cooking” was released to the world; at around the...

7th Jun 2016 Bruce Springsteen blog

If I Should Fall Behind…Backstage

Bruce Springsteen has a telecaster wrapped round the middle of his body, his short muscular frame jutting out into...

17th Mar 2016 Joe Hurd Diet blog (pic 1)

Dieting 101: Back to basics

When I was a kid, my Mum took me to see the musical of the life of the great...

3rd Feb 2016 Joe Hurd - Part 2 Ascent blog (pic 1)

Part II. We begin the Ascent.

Here’s some advice: If you’re going to climb a 4,200ft high mountain which is listed as “Sub Arctic” in...

15th Jan 2016 Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis. Part I. Heartbreak Hostel.

I am going to go out on a limb here, but I reckon that Hillary, Shackleton or Captain Scott...

4th Dec 2015 Joe HurdCooking

Joe Hurd – Blue Collar Cook

“Oh – you are a chef?!” “No, I’m a cook” “Oh wow, that’s so cool, what’s your favourite meal?”...

6th Nov 2015 Joe Hurd Fireworks Blog


Silence hung heavy in the cold November air.  A dense layer of acrid smoke snaked its way through the...

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