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It has been a while since I have been on holiday, but an even longer while since I went on a family one!

The last time I went abroad with family I was freshly graduated and sat sipping cocktails on the beach with my Grandmother in Portugal. This year we were saying goodbye to that same beach, but this time with Father and Brother in tow.

Portugal holds some great memories, especially the Algarve. I’ve grown up there. I even visited some years back with my girlfriends, and the locals still remembered our teenage escapades – good or bad thing I shall let you decided (good thing really, we are national treasures!).

In amongst the Vino Verde, fresh fish and Frisbee playing, my family and I stumbled across a festival in Tavira, which was a fantastic sight. There were fresh herbs strewn across the floor, paper flowers and lantern strung up, and what was essentially Portuguese may pole dancers but with better tans. We had ice cream, talked about conspiracy theories (our favourite topic of conversation), debated the role of the state (again, it gets intense) and ended the night with my dad playing the guitar.

It was bliss. It took me back to being 9 again. And I wish I could go straight back.

Unfortunately that was our final goodbye to our family villa with all those memories, trinkets, and the largest collection of leftover sunscreen you have ever seen. We left thankful for the memories and excited for future holidays together.


Good bye to Casa D’escritor xx