Portrait Pair

Paul Weedon

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For those of you that read all of my blogs (you do, right?), you’ll know that I started painting again about two years ago after a twenty year absence.

In that time I’ve pretty much filled my flat with paintings; indeed, there isn’t anything on any wall in any room that isn’t from some corner of my imagination. My wife knows that if she leaves me for a weekend, something, somewhere, is certain to change.

So far they have all been pretty abstract, an emotional and thereputic release you might say, but over the past few weeks I’ve tried to do something a little more traditional. A little more classic. I’ve entered into the world of portraits.

I started with my wife, who is wholly embarrassed by the whole situation, and it was an experience that I really enjoyed. Concentrating on the smallest of detail focuses your mind on what you are doing and absolutely nothing else. I think this must be what people talk about when they discuss the merits of focused yoga practice.


Louise portrait


I then attempted the much more difficult task of a self-portrait.

Have you ever stared at every corner of your face? For hours?

It’s a very odd process and I found myself battling with the shape of my mouth, nose and eyes. I’m a persistant sort though, and have completed the pair, and as a surprise to myself have ended up with two quite contrasting styles. I’m not sure which of the two I prefer, and I’d say I’m reasonably happy with them for a first attempt, but every time I look at them I see something that I’d just like to tweak. I feel it’s a niggle that’s not going to let up.


Paul portrait


I also read a couple of weeks ago that the best person to ask for advice is the CEO that paints in their spare time.

Apparently the huge contrast offers up the very best insights and perspectives. Well, line me up. I’m working in the week and painting at the weekends. I’m definitely ready to bounce some ideas….