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Some things genuinely excite me.

The sun. The Radio. The Football. And new photos!

Luckily for me ALL these things have been going on in my world recently!


The long, dark, cold, early mornings are starting to fade away and I get glimmers of the sunrise as I head into Heart Breakfast. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a difference it makes mentally, when you’re not operating under the cover of darkness all the time – it makes getting up a whole heap easier! The sun streaming into the studio at 8am is heaven and for some reason I find everything just looks so much better in the sun! There’s a lot to be said for that massive fireball in the sky and I can’t wait to see it more often in the next few months!


The Football. Say the words “Leicester City” to me and I smile. Say the words “Leicester City, Champions League” and I probably have a grin bigger than a Cheshire cat!


It has been an absolutely pleasure and honour to host the Champions Club for UEFA at Leicester City F.C this season and to be a very small part of what is undoubtedly another history-making story for them!

Three weeks ago I sat in the stands at the King Power stadium – I had a front row seat to their second leg victory against Seville, in the final sixteen match round to see them through to the quarter finals of the competition. I have been lucky enough to see many a football match, but I have never experienced the atmosphere and emotion of a night or a game quite like that.


Becky Ives - TV Presenter - Leicester City Blog post


I’m not sure I took a breath in the second half. I lived and breathed every kick, tackle, save (including that penalty) and then the sheer desperation of “Just hang on!’” for what seemed to be the longest ever 4 minutes EVER of extra time, until that final whistle blew and a place in the quarter finals was confirmed.


I looked around and grown men were crying stood next to me. The relief, joy and excitement etched across everyone’s faces were amazing to see. Leicester City just keep doing what they’re told shouldn’t be done. I cant wait to get back there in a few weeks for the second leg tie again with Athletico Madrid, undoubtedly their biggest task to date, but I wouldn’t be writing the Foxes off just yet…


Could they do to the unthinkable and bag a Semi-Final spot?! I believe!!


New photos. As you well know at the beginning of the year I chopped (quite a bit) of my hair off and decided that along with that I would get some new photos taken. My others are nearly two years old, so I felt I needed a bit of an update.

In a weird way I felt like this was a bit of a milestone; it’s crazy to look an old picture and think about how much has changed. The experiences I have had and gained, but also smaller details. I feel like I identify with who I am as a person a lot more, my style has adapted and the way I think has altered.


I feel like all these things can be caught in a photograph, so it’s a good job I had the uber talented Tom Leishman on hand to do just that! Combine the make-up powers of Kelly Mendiola and I knew we were on to something pretty cool. We played around with styles, colours and props and I can’t wait to show you them super soon!