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In a previous life before a previous life I was a DJ.


I know. It’s not something that people tend to know about except for my very oldest friends.


And I don’t mean a bedroom DJ either. This was my full time profession from 1992 to 2000. For those of you under 30 I’m aware as to how old the maths here make me seem.


I started doing local parties and ended up fronting clubs all over the UK at least 6 nights per week. It’s actually a wonder I look as healthy as I do as I would inevitably spend 7 nights per week in clubs, even on night’s off, and, well, if you were a DJ in the 90’s everything was free. We, and by we I mean myself and the people I was hanging out with at the time, some of which are still amongst my closest friends now, had the best time. Exhausting, my average wake up time was 1pm for pretty much a decade, but I look back now with enormous affection. I can’t actually believe I did it for that long. I can’t believe I made it though the 90’s in one piece.


In 2000 a very different opportunity presented itself, one which took me down a new path that puts me here today, and the records (yes, vinyl in the 90s) were boxed, sealed and put in my Mum’s garage. They literally sat there stationary, unused and gathering dust, from September 2000 until fate forced me to sort them last week. My Mum moves house soon, having been in her current home for 35 years, and as she is downsizing I had to break the seals for the first time in 17 years.


So, I dusted them off, realised that I had thousands (see picture) and got on with the task of sorting thorough them. It was daunting as I knew it was going to be a massive job, but as my wife pointed out, I can’t resist a second hand record shop even now, so she told me to imagine I was somewhere in Camden, going through my ultimate second hand record collection. Two days later (I really do mean two full days) I emerged with a collection of my all time favourite dance tracks from the 90s, along with a collection of classic 7 inch’s accumulated over the years.




Listening through them on my old 1210’s, also working perfectly after nearly two decades sat in a box, brought back so many memories. In fact I spent a couple of hours one afternoon recording samples and sending them to various friends who I knew would instantly be transported back to some night, in some club, in some city. In fact as I type this I am listening to an old tape recording that I found (I know, I know, tape) from August 1997 at a club in Manchester.




I love it. I’ve loved the whole experience of reliving it. It’s taken me right back. It’s making me want to go out. Except there is one problem. I do want to go out. But I want to go out in 1997.