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A woman in little more than body paint and glitter just asked me if I could check out her bum.

She had been sitting down to rest before her big performance at Rio Carnival and was concerned the tanned glitter spray had rubbed off.

It hadn’t – her bum was perfect.


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I’m at the Sambadrome, the heart of Rio’s Carnival. The Sambadrome is Brazil’s central stadium for the Premier League of Samba competitions, and that’s an understatement.

For those of you who may not have known, all this nakedness is a fierce competition, a sport in it’s own right which yearly crowns a champion in a ceremony that makes the entire nation stop.

Let me put this into perspective. The Sambadrome has a capacity (which it regularly exploits) of 90,000.

It’s bigger than Brazil’s Cathedral of football The Maracanã. It’s larger than London’s Olympic Stadium and it exceeds the Bernabéu. This is a competition of epic proportions. The women don’t spray their bottoms in vain!

12 Of Rio’s best Samaba schools compete, and are graded, in a Championship which threatens relegation. This Special Group houses the most talented samba schools which feature between 3,000 & 5,000 performers EACH.

They parade for perfection, playing live music through out; they have 75 minutes and a stretch of 700 meters to impress the judges. 40 judges, all looking at different categories and judging different features. From intently listening to the beat of 150 drums to analysing the parades theme and floats, these judges are ruthless.

These floats, by the way, are so impressively gigantic that construction cranes are used to lower dancers into position. They are then plucked off again when they finish their parade.

For Brazilians this information is nothing new – for the rest of the world, it’s mind blowing!


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RedBullTV have been the first digital channel to stream the Rio Carnival live globally and for 2017 I joined Will Best and Caroline De Moraes to host this spectacular event.

Carnival is so incredibly detailed and layered I feared no TV show would ever do it justice, no photo I took could ever do it justice.

However, RedBullTV know extreme events like no other brand and despite Carnival not including a single flying aircraft or dirt bike, it’s just as extreme.

RedBullTV more than did it justice, and brought this incredible celebration to the world. If you haven’t ever experienced carnival or if you think Notting Hill carnival is cool then you need to check out RIO CARNIVAL on REDBULLTV, the world’s biggest party has come to you!


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