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…Or something like that!


Having worked in front of a camera for a number of years, it’s apparent that that phrase hardly ever actually gets used – but I never get bored of being in the studio, especially when I’m working on something new and exciting.


Which is exactly what I’m doing! In true mysterious showbiz style, I can’t reveal too much at the moment but it’s safe to say I’ll be appearing very regularly on a lot of screens around the country in the near future.


My first shoot day on this new project was a blast: outfit changes galore (so glamorous, *hair flick*) and a thoroughly enjoyable catch up with a make-up artist who I’ve worked with many times over the years. People often ask me the secret to maintaining my youthful looks, and I can tell you now that a lovely and talented make-up artist certainly doesn’t do any harm! Asian genes also help… (A bit.)


I’ll leave you with a sneaky behind the scenes snap from on set, and the promise that all will be revealed very soon…


Frankie Vu - TV Presenter - Blog March 2017


Frankie out! X