Tristan and Paul - Luisa v2

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; with my job there comes some quite simply lovely perks.


My biggest fans will know from my previous blogs that since joining the Red 24 family, I have had the luck of enjoying a variety of bonuses like you do when being part of any special and exclusive club, from attending V.I.P football matches to dining on homemade authentic Italian lunches.


Most recently, I was fortunate enough to attend an evening through invitation of Catface Talent (sister to me in the work place, if we carry on thinking in family terms), to Luisa Omielan’s Valentines Day Special Am I Right Ladies?!


Organised a few desks away from me by Catface’s lovely Charlotte, it was certainly an event to remember – whether it be for the popcorn and candy floss machines, the prosecco bar, or perhaps the naked man painted in gold on a podium to greet you upon arrival; there was something for everyone.


Luisa herself was brilliant. As a 25 year old male (& one of the only two males in the audience, the other 50% being made up of Red 24’s own Paul), I may not be Luisa’s typical audience. Nevertheless, I was delighted to spend the evening in the company of a performer who delivers not only hilarity but brutal honesty on stage, further embodying my pride to be a part of the Red 24 family which collaborates with such amazing talent.

(Check out her out in her new show for BBC What Would Beyonce Do?! HERE.)


With our own Jules Breach also joining us on the evening, it became a family gathering (which on this occasion, I was the embarrassing uncle trying to dance).


For validation of my enjoyment (and short stature), you can take a look below…


Tristan and Paul - Luisa


A week tomorrow there’s the next R24 boys night in the diary, which I’m certain in turn will provide the material for the long-awaited sequel to my previous blog We. Are. Fam-i-ly.


Until then!