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February. Absolutely one of best months of the year hands down. I’m a marketing teams’ dream as I love the Valentine’s Day vibe and will buy ALL the commercial things it churns out, whether you’re single or not, what a great way to show someone you care.

It’s the month that has Pancake Day, it’s only 28 days long (this year) and oh…It’s the month that contains my birthday! Yay!! I love birthdays. I never see them as a negative, it’s another year wiser, another year of opportunities taken, lessons learnt and to be honest, I feel like I have myself together way more now than I did when I was 23!


So with it being the start of a new month, I thought now was as good as anytime time to do something I had been thinking about for a while! For 4 years I have had a complete ‘mane’ for a head of hair! Super long, at times it was hard to manage, so I felt the time was right to get it gone. I chopped it all off. Well, not all, I maybe slightly exaggerate there, but to me it looks and feels so different. It’s now into a ‘lob’ so it’s all one length with a blunt cut. When I went to get it done, at the point of cutting I closed my eyes! It was one of those ‘do it quickly before I change my mind moments’, but luckily I came through it unscathed and I’m loving the new ‘do’!

It feels so good to switch things up, try some new styles, and see what works and what doesn’t! I keep running my fingers through it, touching it and I’m unashamed to say that if I catch myself in a shop window, I’ll stop and look at my new hair! Haha! That’s when you know you did the right thing, when you want to look at it, rather than do everything you can to make it grow again quickly! It appears to be way less maintenance than before – showering is a whole new game. Before it would take me a good 40 minutes to wash and dry my hair…now I’m done in 20! However I have had a shampoo mishap on a couple of occasions, turns out I don’t need to use as much anymore. Excess Shampoo EVERYWHERE!!


Moving into the third year on Heart Breakfast in Kent (time flies, right?) has been an easy and fun transition. Although the 4.30am wake up call is a little painful, the smiles, laughs and all the fabulous listeners that greet me each day makes everything worth it! It’s only the beginning of February and I’ve already learnt a new skill for the year. It went to a vote and the Kent audience decided that I should learn to Moonwalk just from using YouTube videos, and then take my skill to a West End Stage and perform it with a guy called Stefan, who plays Michael Jackson in the show ‘Thriller Live’.

It was so cool, one of those moments I won’t be forgetting and will definitely be used as my new party trick! I can’t wait for more moments and memories this year with James, Matt and the Heart Team.

As a final thought, as a Radio presenter, you have to share your life with your audience. It’s what makes the difference between a voice that’s talking to you and an actual relatable human being. You have to open yourself up to public scrutiny at times, as everyone has an opinion, so this morning I braved it and put a picture on the social media pages, showing my new hair. Although I wasn’t particularly asking for an opinion, with these things, you will always get it! So since everyone else has now seen it, I think the only thing left to do is share a picture with you.

Here’s one in a lovely Snapchat Filter. If I could change so I lived in this filter forever, I would…


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