All our lives, we wake up, we make a coffee, we go to work, we work, we come home, we eat, we watch TV, we sleep, and perhaps we insert a few added extras in between all this, to mix things up (I sometimes like to play my trumpet, or strum my guitar – don’t be getting ideas you filthy minded individuals).

The average person in their life time spends 25 years sleeping, working for a total of 10.3 solid years, drinking 12,000 cups of coffee, spending 5 years sitting at a desk, later that day indulging in a total equivalent of 28 days of sex.


But it’s that bit about sitting at our desk that got my ears all pert, and it made me think, “That’s a lot of sitting”. So I went rogue and decided to trawl the tinter web. A few people have mentioned in the past about the idea of ‘stand up desks’, but I just let their voices fade to insignificance as I chomped down on my avocado salad lunch. But now I’m becoming curious, and Google images appears to be providing me with sexy pictures of hot cartoon girls in super tight jeans (working at a stand up desk).




Before I know it, I’m hooked. Unsure as to wether it’s the yellow trousers convincing me, or just the fact that the internet is telling me that this is ‘the future’, I got off my arse and went on the hunt around my office, for everything and anything that could be scrubbed together in order to create my own make-shift stand up desk.


The results were incredible (see below).

But before you cast your eyes upon my adult fort, let me enlighten you on the health benefits of working at your very own stand up desk. Firstly, studies have found that too much sitting increases heart failure risk, disability risk and decreases life expectancy. ‘Woahh there Ian, let’s not get too grim on a Tuesday morning’ I hear you say. You’re right, these are just very generic studies and no one can be sure to know if these are a true link to sitting. But for those who are health conscious, or at least trying to lose some weight, you might be in some luck. Check this out; when you stand instead of sitting, you burn an extra 50 calories per hour. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you stand for three hours a day for five days, that’s around 750 extra calories burnt (if you’re me, I stand for eight hours at my desk). Now take those figures over the course of a year, and it adds up to around a whopping 30,000 extra calories! Just think of the weight loss!


Admittedly, no one can say that this is a guaranteed fast track method to solving obesity or late-in-life terminal illnesses, but the simple evidence is clear – standing up is obviously a much healthier option to sitting down, and if you feel like you can handle the pace of this (fast becoming hipstery) new trend, then join me and the other select few crazy people out there – and at least when it all blows up, and the world are using their calves rather than their arse, you can say – “I was doing that wayyyyy before all those other hipsters” – which by the way, is a super hipster thing to say (he say’s wearing a thick woollen beanie indoors… #HipsterW**k*r)