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It’s one of those questions that gets thrown around more and more, and lets be honest we all have a habit of listing things we want to do without ever really doing anything about it.

Well, I hit 40 last year and thought it was about time to start ticking some things off mine.


Number 1. Go to Philadelphia and walk in Rocky Balboa’s steps.


I know, it’s not the usual ‘jumping out of a plane’ (done that by the way, solo too, no tandem rubbish for me) but let me explain. My best friend and I have been watching the Rocky movies our whole lives. The first one came out in 1976 when we were babies, but by the mid eighties when Rocky 3 and Rocky 4 had been released we thought they were quite simply the greatest films we had ever seen. Hand on heart we may have seen each of the films 80 times+ and take a moment to imagine two 10 year old kids watching these films in their front room whilst re-enacting the fight scenes. That was us, circa 1985.


Now it’s easy to go to Philadelphia, the spiritual home of Rocky, and run up the famous steps. Even non-Rocky fans know this iconic image. But if you’re going to do something do it properly, so after some research we found a Rocky impersonator who does tours of all of the famous film landmarks, a tour that was the only listing I’d ever seen on TripAdvisor with a 100% excellent record from all 125 people who had written a review. It was exceptional and I personally give it a heartfelt recommendation if you’re a Rocky fan.


So, we booked the flights, booked the private tour, decided to dress as Rocky (yes, we’re grown men), and decided to really go for it and film at some of the iconic landmarks.

If you know the movies you should recognise some famous landmarks in our very own Rocky montage. Yes, that’s Rocky’s street from Rocky 1, yes, that’s the exact spot outside Adrian’s restaurant, yes, they are the exact benches from Rocky 2, and yes, they are raw eggs.


You know, a few years ago I may have been a little embarrassed to have embraced the day in the manner in which we did, but you know what, sometimes it’s good to just let yourself go. Sometimes it’s good to act like you’re 10 years old…