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It’s been a few months since my last blog, which to my delight has also meant that amongst the busy hours in the office, there have been a fair few outings with the Red 24 family too.


Paul, Mr Ian Roe and myself have had fun sampling some of the finest tequila Soho had to offer:


Perhaps ‘fun’ isn’t the word.


After having me over for a delicious traditional Italian Sunday lunch, Joe and I went on our second date  were lucky enough to go and see Seasick Steve at Wembley with some great seats.




It was truly a performance I won’t be forgetting any time soon – to see what I mean, watch a quick video here. Lovely chap too.


Something else I won’t be forgetting any time soon was the hilarity of Jonny Nelson descending into what looks like a dystopian confined space (very Shoreditch), after dropping his keys (despite how it looks, I promise that is actually what he’s doing) during a most civilised night out. I’m already excited for the next R24 boys night.




Paul who is always there for support, can be seen here literally lending a helping hand.


Most recently, with Halloween just gone, Joe and I went on our third date decided to celebrate the occasion by braving a black and white screening of The Mist:




A film with an ending which during a social situation will definitely bring out your true colours.


Looking forwards with Christmas now on the horizon, which in turn means the Red 24 Christmas Party fully in sight, I have little doubt that the best stories of 2016 with the Red 24 family are still yet to come.


I’ll make sure to update with you another blog as an early Christmas present.