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So we’ve all swiftly waved goodbye to summer, and I’m loving being back in my boots for the already, very chilly autumn/winter. That also means we are well into the football season now, so work has been busy busy and October has me rushed off my feet!


The last few weeks have been particularly crazy!

I’ve been busy covering the UEFA Champions League for both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal…




I’ve been back with ESPN for a few days…




I did a huge video event for Costa…




…as well as doing my usual Fantasy Premier League show AND BT Sport Score at the weekends!






You’d think I’d have no time to socialise…but you’ve always got to make time, right?!

I had a hilarious reunion with my friends who I met last year when we were all studying to become journalists on a 9 month NCTJ course. We all qualified with flying colours, so it was time to celebrate.

Needless to say, it got a bit messy! My night ended with me ordering 6 chicken nuggets and chips at 3am. I’ll let you fill in the gaps.


October also marks my last month in my 20s.

Omg, I know, I’m gonna be 30.

It’s an age so many of my friends have dreaded, but for me, I’m actually quite excited. Am I crazy?!

I’m not worried about turning 30 at all! I’m a total optimist – glass half full kinda person – so for me, 30 is just another birthday. And another excuse to have a party!!


So here’s to a busy, last month in my 20s, and hopefully my next blog when I’m 30 won’t be a depressing down hill slide.


:) Jules xx