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Remember remember the 4th of November? Because that’s the last time I bothered to blog.

Unbelievable Jeff. It’s remarkable people put up with me.

There’s about 400 million things I could talk about from the last… (checks date)… almost 11 months of life. Jesus Christ on a bicycle.

But instead of dwelling on one particular life event, I thought I’d simply hastily document the passing of time through the medium of pictures.

(time to scroll through the old jonnynelsongram)


So..back to November 2015.


Not the best start, the new house I was moving into fell through and so I ended up officially homeless! Not even joking, I had to put all my stuff into storage and eat cereal out of cooking bowls. Thankfully, I was rescued by the kindness of an old school mate who put a roof over my head. London is scary peeps.




Christmas 2015 – I was child-faced and appearing on 4OD (or whatever they call it now) in an O2 advert. I did magic and wore a lot of makeup, the viewers of Made in Chelsea were delighted.




By January it was back to business in entertainment news and I was scabby enough to make the acquaintance of Alejandro González Iñárritu, an absolute hero of a director.

You may recognise him from all the Oscars he keeps winning. Lovely fella, although in retrospect I felt uneasy about the wink.




February was an eventful one, ranging from this terrible attempt at Blue Steal / Magnum with Ben Stiller, to flying out to Barcelona to shoot some films at the mobile tech expo. Oddest moment of that being when Mark Facebook Zuckerberg rocked up whilst I had my 3D goggles on. That’s a man that knows how to get some life out of a T-Shirt.


Life took a bit of a gut punch when an old colleague of mine and one of my earliest presenting partners Phillipa ‘Tigger’ James sadly passed away out of the blue, and then took another turn for the bizarre when I found myself faceswapping with Ricky Gervais.


I gave Natalie Dormer a Valentines present in the midst of all this and that didn’t even make the cut, what’s that about?





















From the freakiness of February to the magnificence of March.


This is the month I got to fly out to New York City to interview one of my personal heroes, John Goodman. If you’re unfamiliar with his work then you’re probably either very young or simply not a good person.


A highlight, aside from just meeting him, was crow-barring my ‘Is this your homework Larry?’ mug into conversation. It’s a line from The Big Lebowski, seemingly both of our favourite John Goodman performances – bonding was had by all.

jonny-blog-pic-8 jonny-blog-pic-10


April I was back in a now tiny-feeling London and spending most of my time with Britain’s Got Talent contestants.


Also, a quick shout out for the delivery guy who thought the note on the end would help me locate my package. Amazing scenes….


jonny-blog-pic-11 jonny-blog-pic-12 jonny-blog-pic-13

​May time and I was filming in hipster houses with Natwest. I kept the fact I was RBS to myself.




In June, my vote didn’t quite have the crushing impact I would have hoped.




July was about red carpets, where I met Matt Damon again. What an absolute bloody gem that bloke is.




August was about sending off my oldest and most freckled friend Gary into the world of marriage.

Pictures from the stag do in Edinburgh may not be appropriate viewing, so here’s one of us in a dingy during more hairless times, followed by the the largest guest at the wedding.

Needless to say – wedding of the century and my best man speech was on fleek to say the least.




Finally, this brings us to SEPTEMBER.

We’re going to need some more space because September has run me ragged.


To start off with – The TV Choice awards, basically like the Emmy’s but everything’s a little cheaper and drunker, and Joey Essex is there.

Oddest moment – my interview with Keith Lemon turning into a snapchat.




Next up, The Crystal Maze. Everyone should go, immediately.




Onto the weirdest day of my working life…

Filming 2 episodes of Nick Kicks for Nickelodeon, good clean fun for the nations youth….followed by an evening interviewing right-wing lunatic Nigel Farage and Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn.


jonny-blog-pic-21 jonny-blog-pic-22


It took a particularly boring speech from Prince Charles to stop my head spinning by the end of it.


Finally, to the Premier League.

jonny-blog-pic-23 jonny-blog-pic-24 jonny-blog-pic-25 jonny-blog-pic-26

In all honesty, this started in August, but it was September where things really started to kick off on Kick Off (the show’s called Kick Off…how seamless was that?).

Every Saturday, reporting live to 730 million homes around the world. So far this has meant getting drenched by pitch-side sprinklers, leaving my favourite coat on a train and being internationally lambasted for my choice of shirts. But on the bright side, I now have Phil Neville’s mobile number and I get to watch matches for free.


Oh yeah, I also met Harry Potter the other day and took this incredibly misleading picture of him. I’d like to call it ‘Broken wand’.

Most celebrated bloody thing I’ve ever put on twitter. I should just follow him around really.




So that’s a bunch of stuff that happened to my this year. Strange time for a retrospective really.


Until the next time x