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Oh Hi!


So it’s September 14th 2016, and I’m currently writing this in 30-degree heat!

What. On. Earth?!

Not that I am complaining…Lord no! I feel like we have been spoilt this summer with the weather, and living in Kent with the beach on my doorstep, I have absolutely made the most of it.


I’ve been out on the paddleboard a lot and if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do! Not only is it relaxing, great exercise and an opportunity to work on the tan; whilst out on the sea, you feel like you’re abroad! (Am I selling this for you yet?!)


When I’m not heading for France on my paddleboard through the Straights of Dover, I have been working away and having a lovely old time!


Heart Kent is just a dream as always – I never thought I would be so happy to wake at 4.30am every morning.


I am slightly concerned though with our meetings this week as they are all to do with……….Chri…….Chrisss……nope, I still cant quite bring myself to say the word yet!

It really does feel like the count down is on again, but we have SO much to squeeze into the next 14 weeks.


Watch out for ‘Blindfold Rowing’ (as disastrous as it sounds), ‘Pickleballing’ (the next major Sport….apparently) and something we’re calling ‘The Escape Room’.

I can’t wait to share it with you all!


Another exciting development since we last chatted – the football season is back!

Filled with so much promise, expectation and some big names! (Welcome home Pogba!)


A lot of focus though is on Leicester City – the whole ‘will they/won’t they’ be able to repeat last seasons incredible effort. It really put Leicester on the map as a City – rightly so – along with the cricket and rugby teams, ESPN award them the Sporting Greatest City 2016.

I was delighted to be invited by ESPN up to the County Cricket Ground and the King Power Stadium to get the thoughts and feelings from the community, fans and interview two legends in their own right in their respective sports: Wasim Khan (cricket) and Alan Birchinall (LCFC legend). A brilliant day!


Becky Ives - Leicester - ESPN


West Ham United are another team that excited last season, and with the brand new season brought a brand new stadium.

They got lucky and inherited the ‘Olympic Stadium’, now known as the ‘London Stadium’. Unfortunately I really can’t tell you too much about this at the minute (I know…you’re probably thinking “That’s annoying”) BUT when the content comes out, it’ll be worth the wait for any Hammers fan.


I can tell you that I give you a little ‘behind the scenes look’ at the day in the life of a Premier League Footballer on game day.




Stop. I’ve said too much!


Anyway, here’s to Autumn, the next chapter of the year…..Just after one more little paddle board…