Ian Sept blog post - 5

Wait… I know what you’re thinking…

“A European Summer? Eh? Pffffft. You have to be kidding me? Don’t you remember the nation voted for us to become an independent country, cutting all ties from our European friends, thus leaving us with the possibility of an almighty recession and a bleak British future?”


Now now, calm down, nothing’s changed JUST yet, plus I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about ME (obvz) and my amazing summer of European fun!

Yep, I’ve been everywhere this summer, and it didn’t just go as far as Europe.



You’ve all seen my previous blog post documenting my solo trip to the Big Apple. It was like, totes fun (apart from the rain). I ate cheesy thick american style pizza, slithered in indulgent artichoke sauce. I saw some absolutely sick modern art. AND I lived like a true hipster in the heart of Brooklyn. Kerpow, are you jealous yet? Sure you are.


Ian Sept blog post - 1




Turkey I said, not chicken. Believe it or not, I took my little arse all the way to Istanbul earlier this summer – luckily, there weren’t any incriminating dangers at the time, but whilst I was there, I met some local Turkish people, and really gained a strong sense of the tragedy that’s happening out there at the minute. The distinct lack of hope for their own country is truly upsetting to hear but I’m glad that I went to see such a wonderful city, which by the way, I can’t recommend enough (if and when it ever settles down over there again). Here’s a picture of a rocking’ sunset I took…


Ian Sept blog post - 2




Ibiza gives me an overwhelming supply of butterflies every time I think about going there. It’s indescribably awesome. Some believe it’s not for them. Other’s feel like it’s made for them. My advice is, just go! It’s neither for you, nor me, nor anyone, it’s just a damn good experience, and I am in love with partying at my one and only favourite place (Mr Paul Weedon – I know you share the same love too) Ushuaia. OH MY GOD, that place is like an absolute summer pool party of complete and utter dreams. Here’s my view from the flight home…


Ian Sept blog post - 3




I’d normally groan at the idea of a typical British stag do, but this particular one in Amsterdam was top notch stuff. There were no strip clubs involved, no fancy dress costumes, no lampposts and no gaffa tape (Phew! Thank goodness for the stag), just pure chilling and partying. I saw the Red Light District in all it’s glory at around 11pm – WTF!? That place is maaaaaad. I ate lots and lots of chips – don’t ask me why, I was going through a chip phase at the time. And I played something called bubble football – if you don’t what it is, look it up… My honest opinion is that it’s far too knackering for it’s own good and really not compatible with a hangover. Yuck. Here’s me and my friend looking cool on a bench, whatever…

Ian Sept blog post - 4




July was a big month – way more than partying in Amsterdam happened. This one is quite the opposite. In a land, not so far away (i.e. still in England), lies a small town called Whitstable. Every year, they hold their annual Oyster Festival, full of… Well… Oysters actually. Has anyone ever tried an oyster? If the answer is yes, I feel sorry for you. If the answer is no, I envy you. Imagine swallowing a cold salty blob of your own phlegm… Need I say more? Whitstable was nice though.


Ian Sept blog post - 5



Prague. Prague. Prague. This was just a casual little weekend away in the land of Prague. The last time I went to Prague, beer and food was cheap. Well guess what, this time I went to Prague, beer and food was still cheap. Cash back! Prague was a weekend well spent and such a lovely reminder of my previous time I went to visit. Please please please go to Prague if you get the chance. Oh, and a prize for anyone who can correctly guess the amount of times I just said ‘Prague’ in a single paragraph…


Ian Sept blog post - 6



In the same month, I hit up an area of Europe I truly feel the most in love with – Berlin. It’s got it all: Art, culture, hipsters, sausages, world class clubs, Germans. What more can one want? This year’s visit marks my third time in this magical German city (a fourth one just around the corner in September, say whaaat!?) and once again, it didn’t disappoint. I think the biggest highlight was attempting the impossible – gaining entry to one of Europe’s most hyped clubs ‘BERGHAIN’ (must be said with a dark and echoey voice to accompany the equally dark and intimidating bouncer who’s known for his world class rejection techniques). Did we get in? Pffffft, like hell we did. But getting rejected never felt so damn sweet. One day Berghain, one day. See picture of Berghain’s biggest rejectees this year…


Ian Sept blog post - 7




Phew, all that! It makes me exhausted just thinking about it. But what’s next? Who know’s what’s in the pipeline for Ian Roe and his ever changing life. One thing’s for certain, a new YouTube series is on it’s way where by I take to the stage with some almighty rants. You won’t want to miss it, so don’t forget to head over to youtube.com/theianroeshow for episode one coming within the next week!