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For me, turning down work is really rather painful. For various reasons over the last few months I’ve been turning down more work than ever. It’s fortunate to be able to have a choice but then again life is a series of choices after all. It still sucks to say ‘No’ and the worry of regret lingers.


Sometimes we don’t know and can’t explain why we feel a certain way. It’s often not the way we think we should feel but there’s no controlling your gut feeling, you just have to have faith. Hope you’re right.


Your gut is always right.


You can’t actually ever be wrong, because no-one knows what would have happened on the other path. You can’t actually make a wrong decision. That’s a helpful reminder, isn’t it?


Many people have been asking me why I’ve not been involved in the Rio Olympics.

London 2012 was an honour. I loved every minute of my involvement in the games. From working on the opening ceremony with Danny Boyle to hosting the Beach Volley Ball at Horse Guards Parade, it was an experience I’ll never forget.


Despite being very grateful to be offered a wonderful role in Rio I chose not to go.


I went with my gut. And now, as a result, I’ve got some amazing things in the pipeline.

Keep a look out for what.