Jules Breach Fantasy Premier League

We’re thrilled to announce that Jules Breach will be the co-host this season for the Premier League’s brand new show Fantasy Premier League!


In the first show this year, Jules presents alongside James Richardson and expert ‘man on the ground’ Mark Sutherns, as they will be providing tips and guidance weekly through out the season on how you can make best fantasy football team…ever!


Fantasy Premier League is also one of the first glimpses into the Premier League’s fresh new look after their re-branding for the 16/17 season – and it looks fantastic.


Don’t take our word for it, check our Part 1 on the Premier League official Facebook HERE.


Along with being shown online to nearly 38 million followers, you’ll be able to find the show almost anywhere – from being broadcast on TV around the globe to the official Premier League app. in your pocket.


So get started, watch part one, make your team, keep up with Jules and the team to get your tips, and even try your chances in their mini-league.

Make sure you also check out Part 2 will be available today!