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I went back. 2016 was my second year on the bounce at Latitude Festival.


For those of you who follow my blog you’ll know that last year I fell in love with what was then a new festival for me, and on returning this year I can confirm that I now love Latitude even more!


The weather was perfect. Four nights in a tent with not a drop of rain is a small miracle, but much more than that were the layers of shows that we were able to see. Yes, I saw the big acts playing over the weekend. Christine and The Queens gave by far the best non-headline performance I have ever seen, and when New Order finished with Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ it was a real moment of when a beautiful record with a complex insight into the state of mind of Ian Curtis seduced the 25 thousand plus people in front of the main stage.


But a festival is about discovery too. It’s about the moments underneath the headline acts.


Last year, by pure chance, I saw Spencer Jones doing a short ten minute comedy spot in the cabaret tent, a set that is in effect a filler between two bigger acts and therefore exceptionally difficult.

He stole the show that day. I said he was THE act to look out for, and this year he had a full thirty minutes to shine in the main comedy arena. A big step up, thoroughly deserved through his achievements over the past twelve months and a challenge which he more than rose to.


My one to look out for from this year? Poet Tom Gill was exceptional. Think beautifully constructed poetry delivered in a style more like rap. Young, smart and engaging, he did just fifteen minutes here, but I’ll be on the look out for a much longer show of his over the coming weeks.


So what’s the next festival for me? Well, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival starts next week. I’ll be there for the opening weekend on August 5th, and we ourselves have 11 outstanding shows running this year:


See you there, and hopefully I’ll see you at Latitude 2017 too. It’s once again my number one music and arts festival of choice.