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In my last blog, I wrote about how I had just survived my initiation process with Red 24 Management, and was now fully enjoying getting settled in.


Well, since then, similar to how the chaps in Fight Club get to enjoy the perks of being in their association after facing their own ‘settling in’ period (mine admittedly wasn’t quite as bad and involved little to no fighting), I have been very lucky to experience some additional bonuses that have come with my job.


Last Sunday our own TV Chef Joe Hurd invited me round for a traditional Italian Sunday lunch, an offer which, if The Godfather taught me anything, I knew was an offer I most definitely could not refuse. I’d tasted Joe’s food before when he was at the helm of a colossal BBQ round Paul’s, and ever since that has been reason enough to always say Yes when his cooking is involved.




6 courses accompanied by beers and wines, perhaps most importantly all served at a steady and effortless pace, left me departing the premises that evening in a state of meditation, a state of zen, or in other words feeling fully relaxed and content, which can be hard to come by sometimes in London on the back end of a weekend.


Just a few days later, I was invited as Joe’s guest to the Moretti Gran Tour which he was hosting, which as if my taste of Italy on Sunday wasn’t enough, is an event that showcases the best of Italian Street Food and serves the full Moretti range.

Upon arrival the lovely lady on the door slapped a red band around my wrist and spoke the sentence “That’s four full free meals and unlimited beer. Enjoy!”