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It’s been another couple of busy months for me.


Heart Breakfast is going from strength to strength and I’m super happy to say I’ll be staying at Heart Kent for another year. James and I were out and about hosting the East Kent College Awards recently and it was fabulous to see so many young people doing so well in education. I loved hearing their stories and chatting to the winners, it was an honour to be invited to present!


I love it when work and learning collide. I realise that within any job you’re always learning; whether it be to improve a skill, learn more about the work you’re already doing, or just simply learning to be better than what you were yesterday.


But isn’t it incredible when you’re given the opportunity to take the skill you have and attach it to a completely new environment, and get the chance to learn about something that’s totally new to you? Well, I got lucky. It happened!


Becky make the future pic 2


I hosted ‘Make The Future’ Festival at Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park in Stratford for Shell, and it was the most incredible experience. This was a festival all about Science and Innovation, and brought together the brightest young minds from across the world to Showcase their talents.


Becky - make the future pic 1


The main event of the weekend was the ‘Shell Eco Marathon/Drivers World Championship 2016’. This is where over 2,500 people, each made up of teams from High School and Universities, built cars following very closely the competition regulations to each specific car type and category; their aim was to drive the car the furthest it could go, using the least amount of fuel.


The teams had built the cars, engines and the technology from scratch. I cant even begin to describe the detail, the years, months, days and hours that have gone into their ideas and then turning them into a reality.


The culmination of the ‘Drivers World Championships’ on the Sunday afternoon was close to blowing my mind. The rules for this one changed and speed became the added factor: get as far as you can as fast as you can, on the least amount of fuel.


For the winners? A week learning from the best engineers in the world at Team Ferrari in Italy was up for grabs. An incredible prize! My heart during the race could barely take it!

Just so you know, the winners were a team from Indonesia, who could of got to Italy on half a cup of fuel in their car!


Add to this already incredible set up Science Shows, Bright ideas stands and stations showcasing how energy is best used, a music performance by Pixie Lott, awards ceremonies for the Eco Marathon/Drivers World Championships…and I was there hosting the entire thing!


Becky - make the future pic 3


I don’t think I sat down for 3 days straight! I teamed up with David Garrido (Sky Sports) and Andy Akinwolere (Blue Peter/C4) to present the Driver’s races and the whole thing had a certain Formula 1 vibe to it! It was super cool!




So there you have it, when work and learning collide and I couldn’t be more grateful to Shell, the teams and just the Festival itself!