Make The Future Presenter Becky Ives

We’re extremely excited to report that Becky Ives will be hosting the Make The Future London festival this weekend!!


In what sounds to be a truly unique and inspiring event, the 4-day festival kicked off today, with Becky joining the main stage from tomorrow as the host through out until it draws to a close Sunday evening.


Defining itself as “a festival of ideas and innovation” and taking place at none other than the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this event offers curious minds who choose to attend a glimpse into the future of our cities, our energy and changes to come with how we live our lives.


Founded by Shell, it is inspired from the idea of using our energy more efficiently in the future, reducing the world’s CO2 emissions in the fight against world climate change, finding cleaner energy for a low-carbon world.




There will be five zones including Science shows (and experiments), the latest inventions, celebrities taking part, interactive activities to get involved with, and cars of the future in action racing on track.


What’s better, Make the Future London admission is completely free!


To find out more, visit the official site here.