Footie box Pic 1- Frankie Vu

We’re extremely excited and proud to announce that Frankie Vu has joined the Slash Football team!


Joining as a regular presenter for the channel’s ‘starting 11’ along side Jazzie Zonzolov and Craig Mitch in a number of their shows, Frankie makes up the crew hosting programming that is determined to showcase modern football from around the globe, reaching audiences worldwide including nearly 1.5 million on Facebook alone.


Footie Box - Starting 11


To see more of what Slash Football are all about, you can check them out on their official site, Facebook, and Twitter.


To catch up with Frankie on the channel so far, check out this Footie Box episode with celebrity guest Ledley King as they watched England’s first game in UEFA Euro 2016 (warning: not for those still struggling with yesterday’s result…)



You can also see what happened when Frankie took on Ledley on the pixilated pitch in this Let’s Play Bro episode:



Expect more of Frankie to come across the channel, including more of Footie Box and other shows where Frankie will be showing off his free-styling skills!

Subscribe to the YouTube channel here.