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If you haven’t heard of Soccer Bible, I understand. It’s a niche sport magazine that’s super high end and into incredible photography. In other words you need to grab one instantly.


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I had heard of Soccer Bible. I love beautifully heavy, coffee table style magazines and the scent of finely printed paper. Their shoots are all next level divine. They feature sports women equally as much as they feature sports men and are well ahead of their time. So when they called and asked to feature me I literally fell over backwards!


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Soccer Bible arranged a personal interview about my career and invited me to shoot with photographer Curtis Jehsta at Alexandra palace in London. The place is incredible.

We had a wonderful light hearted day together that resulted in some amazing pics.


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This is issue 6 of the magazine. In an era of internet mayhem with established magazines and print companies closing down in droves, launching a new paper magazine is a brave move. A move that has everyone waiting with baited breath.

The magazine is no longer just a magazine, it’s an experience. From the size and weight of the high end project to the writing style and the wait for the arrival of the next issue, it’s a journey. Whilst a little bit nostalgic it’s clearly at the forefront of it’s game. It’s a magazine that you’d want to store, hold and collect.


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You can get your copy of Soccer Bible online here.