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That’s right, I made it.

I’m still here. I survived.


I’m sure you all recall my first blog post, my grand debut to Red 24, where I was at the beginning of my initiation period to the company.

Firstly, apologies it’s taken me so long to follow up with my next post, the sequel, part II; as an avid Game of Thrones reader I can identify with that waiting, craving feeling of dying to know what happens next, and it’s not good. But on the plus, I’m alive (unlike most of the G.O.T characters, R.I.P King of the North).


The reason for this delay however is in my defence a positive one; I’ve been extremely busy!

I’m coming to the end of my fourth month here at Red 24 Management, which is mental. Mental because I can’t believe it’s already been that long, not mental because I’m surprised to still be here.

Time has indeed flown, which as they say is often the case when you’re having fun, and my experience here is one which proves that saying right.


Picking up from my last entry where I was very confidently looking forward to attending Paul’s house party (I’ll casually skip how that went – a cracked phone screen, a lost wallet, a 5-hour walk across London home), my warm welcome to Red 24 has been extended to a warm settling in, which whilst it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it has proved to be even more lovely.

It’s a pleasure working not only side-by-side with Elena, Paul, Miles and Charlotte here in the office, but also with our array of talented presenters, all of who make up the Red 24 family.


If you want proof, look how happy I look:


Dress alike 4

*Note: Dressing the same as your boss doesn’t guarantee a pay-rise


Not only have I now met the Red 24 Family, I feel like a part of it.

From attending fashion events with Jonny, to a Champions League final BBQ this weekend at Paul’s (which with Joe doing the cooking, I’m particularly excited about – also happy that Paul knew I would say no and asked the professional Italian chef to cook instead) it’s been great getting to know everyone.


Even minutes before writing this, I was introduced to the youngest member of the family, Layla’s son Lucas…


Layla and Lucas

*Note: That white top he’s sporting says “I <3 Red 24 Management” on the front. My heart exploded.


So, that’s it so far. And so far, so good.