Ian NYC #7

Like with every destination I travel to, I make myself a list. A bucket list. A wish list. A ‘to do’ list if you must. Sometimes it’s hand written, sometimes it’s on my iPhone and sometimes, it’s just in my brain. I believe in the idea of a list as a form of ambitious guidance rather than a definite end goal, because let’s face it, sometimes we can’t always achieve our wildest dreams and other times, it’s best to just go with the flow rather than setting your plans in stone.


I’ve just come back from a solo travelling adventure to New York City. Before I left, I had just ten things I wanted to get done whilst I was out there in order to feel fulfilled at the end of my American escapade. So, for anyone looking to hit up NYC who is in need of some touristic guidance, here’s what I did.

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#1 – See something tall.

It’s really not difficult in this city, containing some of the tallest buildings in the world. It’s quite a captivating feeling when you’re surrounded my such grand architectural beauty, and NYC homes an array of famous buildings such as The Empire State, Chrysler and the latest edition One World Trade Centre (see image below) which replaced the two big’uns after the 9/11 disaster.

Ian - NYC #1


#2 – Find the best PB&J sandwich in town.

Okay, sadly I didn’t manage to achieve this because the one pictured was pretty average – I’ve had better just made at home. Unfortunately the city’s most popular option for this (Peanut Butter & Co) closed down just in February. I shall have to create my own here in England to let the legacy live on.

Ian NYC #2


#3 – Attend a ‘Pumping Iron’ style American gym.

Have you ever seen ‘Pumping Iron’? No? Shame on you. Watch it, it’s on Netflix. And don’t ask my why I was in a gym whilst on holiday in the United States – I’m a self obsessed body dimorphic douche bag, alright?

Ian NYC #3


#4 – Make a friend.

Would you believe me if I told you after nine days in New York, this was the only friend I’d made? I’ll leave you to ponder that one over (he’s pretty cute though right?)

Ian NYC #4


#5 – Have a midnight adventure on Times Square.

It’s a fact, Times Square (though wildly iconic and strangely mesmerising) is a bit tacky. A tourist hot spot, built solely for the purpose of drawing in poor happy travellers with those hypnotic light-up billboards. But add a couple of friends in to the mix (and a clock striking midnight) and you have yourself a little adventure in the dead of night, with surprisingly not many tourists and a whole lot of McDonalds. P.s. Oh my god, McDonalds apple pies in US are waaaaay different to UK, they’re more cinnamonny – like a real deal apple strudel. Mmmmm *Drools*

Ian NYC #5


#6 – Live in a real deal Williamsburg, Brooklyn pad.

Think East London, but better. Brooklyn was super coooool. You can’t see much from this picture as I went all arty on your asses but my my, I felt like a real hipster living in this Airbnb property.

Ian #6


#7 – Chow down on Artichoke Pizza.

“What th’ ****?” I hear you ask, “Artichoke, erm… On Pizza?”. You’re a fool to question it. My last visit to NYC had me drunkenly chowing down on a slice of this and the impact it had, left me wanting another slice for six whole years. Finally, my dreams all came true when I sat down in their ‘on the corner’ little pizza place, just off the Highline, and gloriously ate this massive triangular chunk of carbs with a big smile on my face. Also, TWO paper plates – That’s how big it is, it needed TWO paper plates.

Ian NYC #7


#8 – See some art.

This is pretty cool eh? The Whitney Gallery. Saw some pretty good art there to be fair.

Ian NYC #8


#9 – Visit an American Cemetery.

One thing you might not know about me is, I LOVE GRAVEYARDS. I can’t tell you why specifically, but since I love venturing round the Magnificent Seven (in London), I thought it would be an unmissable opportunity to go to this huge one close by to my place in Brooklyn, Green-Wood Cemetery. This picture obviously doesn’t do the grandness of the cemetery any justice.

Ian NYC #9


#10 – Eat a bagel whilst walking along the ‘sidewalk’.

Is it an iconic past time, or just stereotypical? One thing’s for certain, I just had to get a snap of me doing this, just purely for my instagram so here you go – me walking down the street eating a cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel – because I’m frickin’ classy like that.

Ian #10