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Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last blogged, but with very good reason. We have been beyond busy in the office, and I have hardly had a moment to myself; always a nice problem to have, but my little blog-updates have suffered!

So, what to update you on? These past few months have had some great highlights and many have been with my lovely Red 24 family. We started off welcoming the mini-superstar Lucas into the Red 24 Presenters Fam (the gorgeous son of Layla). Soon after was Paul’s wedding providing tales to tell for all of time; George’s inspiring sermon being a highlight, as well as the discovery of Jonny having the vocals of a 1970’s Motown singer. We welcomed back Ian from his travels (YAY!), devoured a stunningly tasty Christmas lunch – of course hosted by some lovely Italian friends of Joe – and Paul threw a seriously raucous 40th birthday, which none of us have full recollection of. Paul and Frankie sat me down for highly informative football chats, Becky & Layla for highly informative boy advice, and the wonderful Tristan joined the family! I have missed out on the odd #red24ladsnight (uhum impending Champions League party FOMO), but apart from that it has been a fantastic few months proving, yet again, that we are exceptionally blessed to represent individuals who raise each other up, look out for each other, and have a great time whilst doing so!

Here are a few family snaps…




Blog collage




Here’s to plenty more #Red24Fam celebrations xx