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Oh, Hi April! Where did you come from?

I mean, you’re here a little bit quicker than I had anticipated, but it’s nice to see you again! I’ve definitely decided the best bit about you is that when you show up, you always bring with with you a lighter morning – making my 5.20am commute to work SO much more enjoyable, now I’m not doing it in the pitch black dark! For that, I thank you!


I haven’t written a blog for a while, so I thought I would have a read of my last one to see where I left it and wow, what a massive difference 8 weeks makes!


I was chatting on about how I was learning to ‘drive’ the desk so I could do a show on my own and on how much I was practicing! Well, there’s been plenty of progress since then and I have officially made the transition from practicing on my own in the studio (where no-one heard or particularly cared if I got it wrong), to going LIVE on the air, with the whole of the County listening!

It gets to a point where you can only do so much before you have to take the leap of faith; believe you can do…and just do it! You have to accept you will make mistakes, as always when learning a new skill, but the trick is not to panic and just fix what you did wrong….albeit quite quickly!


Whilst I haven’t had the opportunity (yet) to do a 4 hour show on my own, I have been regularly driving the desk between 9am-10am each morning under the watchful eye of James and Matt (my fellow Breakfast team), and it’s not going too bad!

An occasion overlap of songs may have occurred once or twice, but on the whole it’s been going extremely well. I also previously said “It’s like riding a bike – once you can do it, you can do it.”

Well, I can ride the bike now, but I’m still at the stage where it takes me HUGE amounts of concentration!

However, the feeling of knowing you mastered the skill is truly awesome. Not too shabby for someone that had never even stepped into a Radio Studio before!


Another incredibly exciting thing has happened over the last 8 weeks as well: I now currently have a second job!

I have played and loved sports my entire life, it’s a massive part of who I am as a person. My dad and I bonded over football a lot as I was growing up, so when I got a call to say I had a screen test at Bleacher Report UK to talk all things Premier League and Champions League, I was seriously thrilled.

Like always though, I never think any further than the screen test. To cut a long story short, within a 5 week period, I have been offered the job and just completed my first week there.


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WOW! What an absolute rush! The team at Bleacher are just incredible and the content they are making is first class. I now present weekly videos on a wide range of relevant and current topics within the beautiful game, being broadcast to mass audiences from around the world on the show which is watched online and via their Team Stream app.

I went back to being the new girl again. All those usual feelings came through – nerves, excitement and adrenaline but I had nothing to worry about at all. I think this one is going to be a wild ride!


So there we are! 8 weeks ago I would never have predicted this. A County Breakfast Show in the morning and filming a Football Show come the afternoon. I half keep expecting to wake up and this all be a dream….but nope, I’m fairly sure it’s real….and this is just the beginning!