Swedish Flag (Ian blog)

I recently took a cheeky little trip to Sweden, Stockholm to be precise. Have you ever been? Yes? Well, I’m going to tell you about it anyway.

My first impressions of Stockholm began as I travelled on a 1 hour 45 minute bus journey from Skavsta Airport to the City Centre. I was greeted by real-deal Scandinavian country side – think tall, narrow clusters of woody evergreen pine trees, surrounded by a pale purple skies – It looks cold. It was cold.


When I arrived into the city centre, I must admit, things started to change a little. Everyone talks about Stockholm being a mecca for fantastic architecture and cultural beautifulness, but the truth is, it didn’t blow me away in this area. Yes, there’s some lovely old buildings (in the Old Town), and some great bridges, and some interesting cobbled streets but what excited me the most was their effervescent supply of hot dog stands. I do believe their hot dog stands feature about as often as a Starbucks does in London Soho. Disappointingly, I didn’t try a single one of them and I feel I may have let myself down here. So take note people, Stockholm is not a hunting ground for Architect enthusiasts, but more a hunting ground for sausage shaped food lovers.


Ian - Sweden - pic 2
MEATBALLS. I nearly forgot about the meatballs. The meatballs were incredible. If you think you’ve tried Swedish meatballs when you impulsively stop off at the Ikea canteen after a long shopping trip for your Malm Series Chest of Drawers, then think again… The meatballs are beyond exquisite and here’s a half eaten picture of my plate just to make you jealous:
Ian - Sweden - Pic 3
Here’s me, being pensive as I check out the Swedish views (in an art gallery I might add, because I’m cultured like that)…

Ian - Sweden - pic 4

But the big question on your mind still lingers… That all important theory… The one everyone talks about… Swedish stereotyping at it’s best… Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about…
“Are all the girls hot, and blonde, and hot…. (and blonde), because I’ve heard they are?”
And that my friends, is exactly all it ever will be – a passing rumour, a thought, a ‘I’ve heard they are’ statement, because the truth is I saw very little blondes, and lots and LOTS of men. So there you have it people… Dreams. Crushed. But you must know the truth to avoid all further disappointment right?
Wrapping things up… Sweden. Stockholm. Brunettes. (Man) Meat. Meatballs. Hot Dogs. Pork. Pork… Is the answer.
Lots of potential for handstands though… #Showoff
Ian - Sweden - pic 5