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Layla UEFA Club (pic 1)


UEFA Champions League nights are pretty special. 

At Chelsea’s UEFA Champions Club, we go all out to make sure our VIP’s have the best evening possible. I have been hosting corporate events for UEFA for a while now and without fail every event becomes my new favourite. UEFA know how to put on a good show – The Champions League itself is proof! From the moment you receive your perfectly packaged invite you know you’re attending something exclusive. By it’s very nature, every event is a once in a lifetime opportunity and our guests are treated to the highest service.

Yesterday was the second leg of Chelsea FC vs Paris Saint Germain. A pivotal match that saw fans such as David Beckham, Boris Becker, former french president Nicolas Sarkozy and around 41,000 other football fans attend. In the UEFA Champions Club, where Heineken and Pepsi is on tap, we create top quality hospitality should our special guests get hungry or want some pre-match, half time or post match entertainment. Yesterday’s exclusive half time interview was with the wonderful Carlo Cudicini. Ten years as Goal keeper for Chelsea, this man knows Stamford bridge better than most. He also knows his football, and correctly predicted the full time score saying “Chelsea have a lot of work to do”.


Layla UEFA club (pic 2)


For me the perks of the job are pretty endless – being able to watch the game from some of the best seats in the house is the biggy, but also experiencing Stamford Bridge’s calm before the storm is pretty special. I’ve always enjoyed watching the security teams sniffer dogs pre-match rituals, they are incredibly thorough and impeccably trained. Once security are all in place and the gates open you literally feel the atmosphere tingle as excitement fills the stadium. The PSG fans were enmass for this game and were inspiringly loud from kick-off to finish.


Layla UEFA club (pic 3)