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2016 has well and truly begun. I absolutely love the start of a New Year. It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean, open up a brand new chapter of a book with no words, no lines and you can make the pages read however you want! That excites me massively. I have so many plans, dreams and ambitions for this year, but I’m keeping them close to my chest! If there’s one thing I have learnt over the last year, it’s to work hard in silence and let success be your noise!


I’m into my second year on Heart Kent now and it’s funny. You know the same time of year comes around every year, and that’s not a surprise, it’s the fact it comes around again and then you suddenly have to come up with a different idea on how to ‘sell’ the day on-air – even though you thought you couldn’t possibly ‘top’ what you did with it last year, as clearly it was the best idea ever (well, in my mind anyway)!

It’s great to actually have the opportunity challenge yourself though and keep all those ideas flowing. Usually I tend to go over the top a little bit and I have to be reigned in as to what is actually achievable and realistic, but it’s always best to think BIG!


Now that I’m definitely into the swing of the Breakfast show, I have set myself a new challenge, which is going pretty well (even if I do say so myself!). I am currently learning how to ‘drive’ the desk. This means I actually understand how all the systems and buttons work. I can run a show entirely on my own and even though as tradition on a Breakfast Show James (my radio husband) runs the desk, if there was ever a disaster I would be able to step in! It has been a highly amusing process though. It’s like when you first start to drive a car and you bunny hop down the road, whilst you get used to the feel of the controls. Or when you attempt the head-pat-belly-rub motion! It takes practice to get it right, but then once you have it, it becomes second nature.


You have to be able to concentrate, actually form proper words and make understandable sentences, whilst anticipating the optimum point to push a button for the ‘ramp’ to start, then check the level so it’s not drowning out your words. On top of this you also make sure to get the timings right, so you don’t start to talk over a song or even worse ‘crashing’ it, having a really awkward 3 seconds of silence as you didn’t quite nail it. You may not think that’s a long time, but believe me, in Radio, that’s a lifetime!


There’s a lot more to the Radio than you can imagine! It’s all fun and games though and yep, practice makes perfect!

Speaking of which…better get back to it…!


Becky x


Ps. Oh, just to let you know I have a brand new Instagram name! I can now be found at ‘BeckyIvesOfficial’ Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there!


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