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Layla Anna-Lee

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And so it begins, a flurry of New Years resolutions and false promises of fitness in every blog, column & tweet. This time each year everyone decides to reflect on the last 365 days and tell ourselves we simply weren’t good enough.

I could put money on your New Years resolutions…

  • Go to the gym more
  • Stop having seconds/snacks/crisps
  • Be kinder to your mother

It is a good time to reflect but an even better time to look forward. Despite us feeling like our resolutions are full of positive intent, in truth we burden ourselves with punishment and an easy avenue for rebellion. You are immediately starting a brand new year giving yourself a set of boring rules. Forced regulations you’ve already proven to have failed.

So this year why not bin the rules, the intention and the pressure. Allow yourself to simply look forward to and enjoy every single day.

Happy New Year!