Winter Berlin

Frankie Vu

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This was a holiday of many firsts. My first ever trip to Berlin, my first ever curry wurst, and my first ever missed flight… Recently I made the entirely logical decision to take a holiday to one of the few places in Europe that would be colder than the UK – Germany. It’s been a good few years since I’ve resorted to saying this, but I blame my sister – it was her idea.

Apparently there are sixty… YES, SIXTY Christmas markets in Berlin alone – and this was her justification for catching a flight to the German capital. In all fairness, I’d never heard anything but glowing reports about Berlin so I was pretty excited, albeit with the inevitable trepidation that always comes with agreeing to a family holiday.

In four days, we managed to visit at least five Christmas markets (I lost count… maths was never my strongest suit). Personally I was pretty pleased with this, especially when you consider that my dad kept going missing… Which brings me to my overwhelming memory from this trip… Dad going missing. Yes, he was fairly overwhelmed by all the Christmas lights. Yes, he wanted to capture as much as possible on his trusty camcorder to create some lasting memories. BUT SERIOUSLY!?

I genuinely think that we spent more time looking for my Dad than doing anything else on this holiday. And that’s saying something, considering Mama and sister Vu spent HOURS looking at chocolate.

My dad wandering off mightn’t have been so bad… if he hadn’t chosen to do it a couple of hours before we needed to catch our flight home. And just like that, I missed a flight for the first time in my life. With a bit of luck, it’ll be the last time too.


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