Ian Roe - The Update

Hiiiiiii Internet/World/Ian Roe blog readers,
I thought I’d update you a little on my life at present, y’know… Keeping the fans informed ’n all that.

So, as you know, I came back from the wonderful land of California, not so long ago. Recently, I’ve had a lot of people asking me;
“How was it? What did you get up to?  Where did you go? Meet any American chicks?”.
“Calm down” I tell them, “I filmed the whole thing into a one hour long documentary – SLASH – twenty mini-episodes on Youtube. It’s basically a series. You can binge watch it on: 

www.youtube.com/theianroeshow ”

So, for all those who are asking the same questions and, undoubtedly frothing at the mouth at the very thought;
Here’s a little trailer for you and, if you manage to not get the urge to watch the entire series after this teaser, well, then…
You have zero taste in factual entertainment!

So, since Cali? Well, there was an intense week of intermittent fasting (still is) to lose the post-USA pudge. Then, I got briefly hooked on hot yoga, that was fun. In between all of this, I tackled a new cake recipe and did some more baking – lemon drizzle to be precise – FYI, it was delicious. Now, I’m on a new mission to be able to hold the perfect hand stand, hopefully by January or February – I’ve been informed they’re very good for body strength.
There seems to be a pattern emerging here… Pudge, fasting, cake, exercise? Do I have a problem?

Ahhhh and yes! Christmas is COMING! This weekend left me brimming with Christmas spirit, after having a fantastic Christmas lunch with some of the other R24 Presenters (credit to Mr Joe Hurd for the restaurant recommendation, – Fulham’s finest Italian cuisine ‘Gola’ – nailed it fella). I also decided to take a trip to Winter Wonderland, which was a surprisingly pleasant experience in comparison to when I went four years ago – in which I faced a grim, single-filed cortège, just for me to get an over-priced, thimble of mulled wine… They seem to have made it more spacious, more lively, and rather fun and exciting this year.

All that’s left for me to do is my Christmas shopping and get a hair cut – It’s atrociously long right now and we don’t want another Hells Angels situation again. Ohhhhh no. Santa wouldn’t like that at all.

So, if I don’t speak to you before the festive holidays, I wish you all a proper Merry Christmas and hope that Santa gets you everything you want in your stocking this year – providing you haven’t been too naughty.

Lot’s of christmas love,
Ian Patrick Roe