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Christmas is HERE!!!! Yay!

Oh wait, what? Still 3 weeks to go??

Well, in my world it feels like Christmas Day could be tomorrow. This is definitely my favourite time of year – I think I actually get a little more excited about the build up to it all, rather than the day itself!
There are also a lot of ‘firsts’ for me this year in the build up to Christmas, and in ‘Radio land’ xmas celebrations are really like no other..

As soon as December 1st hit, we played an entire hour of back-to-back Christmas tunes, launched our singing ‘Sleeps till Santa’ Advent Calendar and, just to add to it all, I managed to single handily lug a REAL 6ft Christmas Tree all the way down the road from B&Q. I decorated it and it now has pride of place in our Studio (that looks a little bit like Santa’s Grotto) at Heart Kent! I always get a little carried away…

Another ‘first’ for me, and my new favourite thing ever (like EVER!!), is doing the Christmas light switch on! This year I was lucky enough to do, not ONE, but TWO events. Firstly in Rainham and then, in Canterbury. Both were just incredible! They had a lovely programme of events planned – including choirs, dancers, bands and games! I was told they weren’t sure on the numbers to expect and no-one could predict just how many people would turn up. However, as I arrived in Canterbury, hobbling along the main street, from the car park to the stage, in my brand new boots – never wear heeled boots on a cobbled street…will I ever learn?! – what greeted me was something that almost blew my mind…
4000 people had shown up to watch the Christmas Light Switch on! I took a deep breathe, grabbed the mic, walked up the stairs and had the time of my life!

This is a moment I definitely won’t be forgetting in a hurry!!


You never know what to expect when you work at Heart Kent – there’s always something a little different planned ahead for me. Take, for example, what I am up to in around 1 weeks time. Something that I am super excited about and can’t wait to revisit. I’m getting back up on stage! In a previous life I used to sing and dance on various shows, but have been nowhere near a Theatre for the last 3 years. However, Sunday 13th December, all that changes as I shall be appearing in four Pantos in Kent….all in one day! A massive undertaking and, even better, it’s all for Charity!

I will be appearing as Aladin and I shall be joined by James (my co-host) who will be Widow Twanky! We basically turn up and crash Pantos in Gravesend, Chatham, Sevenoaks and Canterbury. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the stars of the respective Pantos have all popped in to see us recently and, I can’t tell you how excited my inner 12 year old self was. I have found myself interviewing Shane from Boyzone, Ben from Phatts and Small, Tina from S Club 7 and, possibly my ultimate favourite, Keavy and Edele from B*Witched!

They always say don’t meet your idols…..luckily for me they were all a dream. I’m SO looking forward to Sunday December 13th!


Right, on that note, I need to get on with actually learning some lines.
In the meantime…

I’m going to say it…

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a very happy and healthy 2016!! Thanks for being so amazing 2015