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Layla Anna-Lee

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My best friend sent me this image.
I sat staring at it, wondering exactly what she was trying to say….and I love it!


It perfectly sums up my Instagram page. She knows me well.
Since having a baby, I’ve found a new appreciation for my body and I am in awe of what it can do – But that’s only an excuse! I was posting bikini pictures well before having a baby and I’ve always been fairly body confident online. Firstly it’s my job – how could I host a show in front of hundreds of thousands yet go all shy online?!

For me it’s happily in control – I’m not counting likes or feeling any genuine appreciation in collecting little red hearts and that, I believe, is where the problems lie. So many get caught up in numbers and, post for attention. We’re all posting for attention… but what happens if you don’t get it?

I’m strict – I won’t allow myself to check in too often, it’s so easy to become addicted.
You won’t see me Photoshopping myself – I think it’s¬†incredibly damaging putting out an unattainable image, false by all proportions, it only serves to make you feel less grateful about what you do have. You then begin to compare – not only with everyone else – but also with yourself.
You begin to fight for the artificial image of yourself, an absurd battle, impossible to win. So I’ll never amend my shape or texture but I will happily take advantage of a good filter.

Brazilians have a wonderful attitude to nudity and positive body image – just take a wander down the Copacabana strip. Being proud of your body and wearing very little is the norm, in fact it’s positively promoted by their Catholic upbringing – “Be grateful for what God gave you”

Call me Mrs Narcissus , I’m enjoying being grateful.
So come join me: