Ian Roe - California - Road Trip

Three shades darker, one stone heavier and ten times happier – I return from the wonderful realms of California.

It was good! I mean, it was better than good. Here’s the route my friend and I took…


Ian Roe - California Road Trip


In short: San Fran ~ LA ~ Las Vegas ~ San Diego. 3 weeks/2000+ miles… And a whole lot of pancakes.

Imagine two (can we say good looking?!) Brits, lost within a world of nasal accents, fast food, middle of nowhere diners, driving through large stretches of dry desert with only a one gallon flagon – between two – in the boot of our convertible sports car. That’s exactly what it was like as we surfed the waves of Ventura, saw the sunset of Big Sur, explored the island of Alcatraz in San Fran and partied HARD in LA. Oh yeah, and then there was Vegas – we don’t talk about Vegas… And Yosemite National Park – we can talk about that all day.

There’s just too much to tell, but you know what? Rather than me whittle on and on… and on in the form of a blog post, why not stay tuned on The Ian Roe Show (youtube.com/theianroeshow). Something epic is on it’s way – in the form of a daily YouTube documentary series of the ENTIRE ROAD TRIP.
Yes, that’s right. Two guys, one state, and a whole lot of British banter as we drive along Route 1 in search of the American dream.
You don’t want to miss it!
Coming November 1. Here’s the trailer: