Mar 11: Layla hosts at Chelsea FC

Becky Ives

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Sitting down to write this blog is actually forcing me to stop, take a minute and breathe. Sometimes I forget to do that. Life has been crazy busy this past month, I’m often pulling a 7 day week, with late nights and early starts again the next morning. I have suddenly become the Queen of power naps! The odd 20 minutes free? I’ll take a nap to recharge and off we go again. I haven’t actually tried it (yet!) but I would place a bet that I could probably take a nap whilst still standing up!

The mornings at Heart Kent Radio are always filled with fun, games and a lot of laughter. The team and I are always looking for ways to better ourselves, find something more challenging to do and provide as much entertainment as possible. However even with this attitude, James and I thought we had bitten off more than we could chew with one task which we were set by our producer Matt. We had to take something mundane and then make it sound interesting on air and the listeners would vote as to who they liked more. Pressure! Our mundane object? A toaster. Individually we had to go away and come up with a way to make the toaster sound appealing to the listener and keep them interested for around a minute.  At first, I thought ‘Great! This is going to be easy… I’ll just make something up, a song or something.’ But then you sit down with a blank computer screen and suddenly the confidence you had vanishes. To cut a long story short, it took me about 8 hours, a bag of Haribo and a favour from my friend Paul to get this done. Together we hashed out lyrics, ‘borrowed’ one of Sam Smith’s songs and recorded a song together. I actually sung on the radio and I am pleased to report that my efforts were well worth it, the lovely listeners voted my song victorious!

Alongside the daily job I have been so lucky this month and had some incredible extra experiences to mix things up! A definite highlight for me was working for UEFA, hosting the Champions Club at Stamford Bridge. It was the opening game for Chelsea in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League 2015/16 season and the whole venue had such a buzz about it that night. There was a definite air of anticipation, as Chelsea’s season in the Premier League hasn’t exactly got off to the best start. At half time I interviewed ex-Chelsea player and manager John Hollins and just simply loved the whole experience. Chelsea won the game, everyone seemed to go home with a smile on their face… job done!

The Saturday after the Chelsea game, I headed to the Hamm Yard Hotel, Soho. I was privileged to watch a private screening of the film ‘Away’ starring Timothy Spall and Juno Temple. This film has been made by Gateway films and has been backed by private investors. It is set for release in January 2016 but this was an early screening and I got to hear the initial thoughts, feelings and reactions of the investors. I also got to meet and interview the legendary Timothy Spall. He was the most fascinating man, I could have sat there all day asking him questions! He really is extremely intelligent, with a brain that offers alternative angles to any situation but is also surprisingly normal and down to earth. The film was fantastic and I reckon you should all check it out when it’s released!

Right… I have been sat down now for over 30 minutes and it feels very strange. I must resume normal service…