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Another picture-heavy blog for your enjoyment. So let me take you through the last month….

Firstly there’s been a lot of this –

FYI blog


I’ve been presenting FYI quite a bit on ITV2.

For fans of Shaun of the Dead, The Matrix or any of the other films that have played recently, you might be familiar with those lovely people who crop up half-way through to tell you about the day’s entertainment news. I’m now one of those people!

My disgustingly talented colleague Mel decided to pop off on holiday for a bit so I’ve been holding down the fort with an untold number witty showbiz comments and cutting entertainment observations for your viewing pleasure (OK, it lasts a minute and it’s mostly me just mentioning a few things that have happened, but I think I might at least be the first host to give a shout-out to his grandma).

FYI blog 2

Secondly I’ve had to shave my beard again, it was very sad, but at least I made the most of the situation for photography purposes –

FYI blog 3

I’m sorry you had to see that.

Thirdly, I got to meet the cast of Downton Abbey and talk about Carson and Mrs Hughes’ sex life. As a die-hard fan of the Abbey MASSIVE, this was probably the highlight of my career to date (and I’ve met David Hasselhoff, for reals).

Fourthly, I got my first ever second pair of eyes!

I mistakenly thought that my peepers were going to remain pitch perfect forever, but the world of broadcast editing has sadly destroyed that dream at the tender age of 26. Piece of advice – if you haven’t had an eye test for 16 years and your eyes feel like boiled eggs at the end of most days… don’t tell anyone. You’ll probably be fine, probably.


FYI blog 4

They look alright though… I suppose. I take solace from the fact I probably now appear marginally smarter than I did, when not pulling the above face. And finally I headed over to Leicester Square for the Premiere of Legend with Tom Hardy.

FYI blog 5
It’s weird going to premieres, it’s something I’ve genuinely obsessed over my entire life, but when you’re there, you spend so much time stressing about getting the right interview or asking the right question, that you often forget to enjoy the moment entirely.

This one was a blast though, Tom Hardy turned up with his dog and promptly disappeared, but getting to meet two of my heroes – David Thewliss (that’s Professor Lupin to Harry Potter fans) and Christopher Eccleston (that’s ‘The Doctor’ to nerds the world over… luckily for me I am one such nerd) – was not bad at all.

Sometimes you do have to pinch yourself and ask, “how the hell did I get here?”
… then you remember you saw a cockroach in the bathroom this morning and hot water’s been out for 2 days. One of life’s grounding experiences.

Big month coming up, catch up soon yeah? Yeah. YEAH.
Lovely x