Welling 1

Paul Weedon

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As a dedicated and ardent Tranmere Rovers fan I am used to going to decent grounds for my away days. Over the past 10 years I have been a regular visitor to Millwall, Charlton, Leeds, Sheffield United and more. If I go back another 10 then it was Fulham, Manchester City, Wolves and Palace. Proper teams. Proper grounds.

Well, this year we find ourselves out of the football league for the first time in nearly 100 years, which means this season I will be experiencing the joys of the National League. I say joys, as it’s good to stay positive, right? ‘Lots of new grounds to visit. As the biggest team in the division we’ll win all of our games, easily. We’ll go straight back up.’

After 8 games, 7 of which we’re against part time opposition, we find ourselves 10th. Every team we play treats it like their biggest game of the season. Big shot football league team Tranmere Rovers are in town. We have never been the favourites before and it’s tough.

The pitches are poor. The games are battles. And there is a definite hangover around the club from the successive relegations of the past two years. And the grounds. Oh the grounds. My Saturday last week was at the mighty Welling United. It rained. It was gloomy. We drew 1-1. It looked like this…


Welling 2