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The last few weeks have been mad, crazy and beyond anything, so much fun. For a start it’s Summer, which in my opinion, makes everything instantly appear 100% better, my adrenaline has never run so high and my wetsuit has never seen so much action in all its time. Over the course of the last 3 weeks, had you of called me, you would have mainly found me channelling my inner sporting heroes, learning new skills and laughing (sometimes nervously) as I made the most of the weather and the Kent coastline.

Even though the Formula 1 Season is currently on a Summer break, our crazy gang at Heart Kent decided to fill the gap with our own dose of motor racing! We set out to Buckmore Park, a karting track which Lewis Hamilton has raced many a time in his early career, and spent the day flying round lap after lap. Foot-to-the-floor racing takes a little bit of time to get right! As I soon learnt, taking a corner too quickly leaves you spinning aimlessly around the bend, a little disorientated and disappointed as your friends fly past you. But once you find your flow, I honestly thought I was racing for the Drivers Championship 2015! My competitive streak reared its head and I was fairly determined to leave the boys eating my dust. I came a very respectable 2nd out of 6, so even though I was pipped to the post for the win, I was more than pleased with my efforts. Incidentally, we discovered that Lewis’ fastest time around the track was an incredible 39 seconds, mine was 57 seconds… yeah, watch your back Lewis!

‘Oh Wat-er Surprise’ (catchy, I know!) has been our main feature on Heart Breakfast this Summer and it’s been brilliant! This has involved James and I setting each other tasks and challenges on the Kent coastline, taking us out of our comfort zones and learning new skills. First up was Water Skiing. Now, this is something that I feel completely at home with, so I demonstrated and then challenged James to get himself up skiing. Let’s just say he tried his best!! He felt revenge would be sweet though the following week, as he set me a challenge to set out and sail single-handedly around buoy and back again. The day we chose to do this was typically one of the windiest days Kent has seen all summer, not to mention the size of the waves to accompany the gales. A little apprehensive, as I was a complete beginner, I threw myself into it, held my nerve and was delighted to complete it successfully! I enjoyed it so much that I have been back out there practicing and have turned myself into quite the sailor (that’s now one for the CV!) The third and final challenge, the tables were turned, where James and I had a head-to-head challenge of Surfing. Quite simply, the person who could get out on the boards, stand up and ride a wave in to the shore would be the winner. Armed with my waxed board, rash guard and great anticipation of what was about to happen, I headed into the surf to once again be at the mercy of the English Channel. After a few mouthfuls of sea water and so much seaweed gathering in my hair that I was verging on qualifying as a Mermaid, victory was once again mine as I rose out of the water, with great skill, balance and grace to ride the perfect wave. Well, at least that what I thought I looked like in my head. The reality was probably similar to that of a bumbling figure, wobbling about on a floating piece of plastic, with a wave that was barely a ripple. Either way, the sheer joy and the feeling of actually catching a wave definitely gave me the surfing bug. I was totally addicted and spent the whole afternoon there, and the next… and the next! As a little side note, it’s incredible for the fitness levels too so benefits all round.

Back on dry land for the time being and a trip to ‘Go-Ape’ before heading out to Texas State, USA are meaning there are no signs of slowing down my summer adventures and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Join me for the journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Have a great Summer all!

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