Jul 13: Jonny watches Styles stumble

Jonny Nelson

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This last month was an interesting one at work, taking over at 5ACCESS for a while.

For those of you who aren’t familiar. ACCESS is long-running entertainment bulletin that crops up on Channel 5 and partnering channels 5Star, 5US and Spike. You have 2 minutes to fill with movie clips, interviews, premieres and jokes, and I think it’s fair to say it’s been my favourite job of all time.

Every day, you turn up, read the news, watch lots of interviews and trailers, and see if you can say something funny about it. It’s like sitting around the TV with your mates and chatting about what’s on, but in this instance, everyone has to listen to you. Frankly ideal if you like the sound of your own voice and don’t like waiting your turn to speak.

If you watch much C5 (which you obviously will, as it’s full of QUALITY programming), then you may have heard me cropping up to chat about Harry Styles falling over, Harrison Ford giving terrible advice or Ringo Starr making himself a poster for his birthday.

For my mediocre accompanying quips, dad-like jokes and more, you are all very welcome, it’s a blast.


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