Jul 20: Layla's at the Inside Out Premiere

Layla Anna-Lee

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You don’t have to be a child to go to a children’s movie premiere – in fact you don’t even need to take one. I took my ‘The Munch Box’ co-host Joe Hurd and we had an awesome time.


Disney Pixar premiered their newest film Inside Out last weekend and kindly invited me along. I was super excited about treading the same carpet as Parks & Recreation star Amy Poehler, who voices Joy in the movie and the opportunity to just be a big kid. We stopped short of face painting but shamelessly enjoyed all the other perks of a Disney Pixar event.

Inside Out blog 2

Inside Out is not only a fantastic film but I genuinely believe it will be a defining film.

The film centres on a girl called Riley and, more so, on her emotions. Each emotion, depicted as a different character, has access to her ‘control panel’ and, in short, we see how her mind works.

Riley is born with pure Joy and as she grows Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness join Joy in the control room. As Riley approaches the age of eleven and faces a life changing move to San Francisco we see her fall into depression and we see how her emotions deal with it.

This film genuinely helps us understand and, perhaps more importantly, respect our feelings. For children who may struggle to express themselves this film is unmissable.

Honestly for anyone who has emotions, and that includes you, go enjoy the film, cry like I did and feel better afterwards. It’s almost like therapy!