Jul 16:15 Ian - My Sweet Idea

Something phenomenal struck me the other day. It came in the form, of an ‘idea’. *light bulb ping sound effect*

I’ve been thinking see, there seems to be a lot more demand for American based food products making their way over to this smoky city of London. Five Guys, Shake Shack (to name a few), waltzed on over to the streets of Soho charging top whack prices for basically a glamorised Maccie D’s – I’m not gunna lie, I love it, I love it all, because I’m a fast food ADDICT!

But, let’s think about these smaller little gems that’ve come our way. Has anyone ever heard of Cereal Killer Cafe? That’s right, it’s a new cafe where people arrange axe murderings for fun… Er… No, that’s not true, I sure hope to God you didn’t believe me there… It’s a (slightly pretentious, but also genius of an idea) business on Brick Lane selling bowls of over-priced cereal from all around the world. Think Lucky Charms. Think… Spanish Museli (really?).

Anyway, my idea sits in just perfectly well with this current boom of cheap hipster thrills: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches! That’s right, you heard it… PB&J butties! It’s as simple as it sounds; 1 x jar of peanut butter, 1 x jar of jam, some bread, two spreading knives, maybe a small metal hut to pop up somewhere?

I feel like I’m on to a winner! The big question is, how many people truly like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches in the UK? I certainly do, I ate two of them the other day, but is this a sticky road to nowhere, or a sweet sign of success? Let me know people, give me some ideas by tweeting me @ianpatrickroe and if you haven’t already tried a PB&J sarnie, get yourself down to Morrisons and stock up the cupboard because you’re life’s about to change.

Now, has anyone got a few thousand pounds to help me kick start this business? G’waaaan.