Jul 14:15 Miles - Wimbledon 2015 (1)

Miles Pathirana

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So as was the case last year and the year before, all you lucky people get to hear about my visit to Wimbledon again!

I didn’t get tickets (again!) this year, so as with another 10,000 odd people, I queued. To make sure I was on time, I got up up at 4am (no one should ever be awake at this time; it’s not natural!) and was in the queue by 6am after a bit of a nightmare journey. Thus began my 4 hour queue on the HOTTEST day of the year. Usually the queue doesn’t bother me, but I spent most of the time trying to find ways of keeping cool with zero shade.

By the time we arrived inside, play was almost underway. We watched a ladies doubles to match to begin, followed by a thrilling 5-setter with Marcus Baghdatis. My friend and I had tiredness catch up with us and dozed off a couple of times during the beginning. However, when Baghdatis came back from 2 sets down to win the match, the atmosphere was electric and one of those matches people were desperately trying to get in!

The last full match we watched was Victoria Azarenka in a very comfortable win, whilst ending the day on Murray Mountain/Henman Hill, followed by the arduos task of making our way home (it took an hour and a half!)

All in all another great day, and it was the first time in the last 3 years where it didn’t rain at some point!