Jul 09:15 Frankie - Moving House = Stress (1)

Frankie Vu

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Some things in life can always be guaranteed. And just like the inevitable rising and setting of the sun, you can ALWAYS rely on that fact that moving house will be stressful.

Unfortunately I’ve been given a stark reminder of this over the past few weeks. Even after all the heavy lifting is done, everyday tasks like cooking a basic meal can become a hugely frustrating process. This can be exacerbated by a lack of planning.

For example… Trying to boil some pasta, I realised I had no pots and pans compatible with the new induction hob. Once I’d managed to boil said pasta in my flatmate’s shiny new pot, I realised I had no crockery, nor, for that matter, any cutlery. I should add that this was a Sunday evening, so I couldn’t just nip out to the big supermarket to buy what I needed.

So I ended up shovelling my pasta from a paper plate, using plastic cutlery, whilst sat on the floor of the living room, because I have no furniture. Added to this was the fact that all the neighbours were able to witness my embarrassment in all its glory, because we have no curtains. I’m sure they enjoyed the show.

I should probably pick up some loo roll before things escalate.